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As one of the top-notch car rental companies in Singapore, we aim to offer top-class, comfortable,  luxurious car rental and limousine services. Rest assured about the condition of our limousines, for they are always maintained in a top condition to ensure that your journey is convenient and smooth. Our experts who are well-versed in mechanical, electrical repairs and car servicing will ensure that your car is in a top condition and ready for a long drive. We have the facilities and amenities to offer a complete range of support services to our clients. Our sales consultants are always ready to provide you with technical support, ideas and knowledge. No matter what your service needs, our staff will attend to you right away. Our excellent service quality attracts loyalty from clients and places us a notch above our competitors.

Why Rent from Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals?

  • Varied range of vehicles to select from, as per your convenience
  • Our Limousines are in top condition and well-maintained
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Exceptional support services
Do you already have a personal vehicle? Still, we recommend you to rent a car from us. By renting our vehicles for leisure and business trips, you can, in fact, avoid putting wear and tear on your personal vehicle. Thus, you will be able to reduce your repair and maintenance costs over time. Our rental cars will take you where your personal vehicles do not tread. For example: You may use our vehicles even on less favorable roads. With their top gas mileage and excellent condition, our cars will offer you an excellent ride, without any hassles. Read more