Car Rental with Driver Singapore

Car Rental with Driver Singapore

Getting a leased car with driver while you were in Singapore is far better than using a public transport. By having a chauffeured service, you will be able to do more and achieve most of your goal for the day. Renting a vehicle with chauffeur may be expensive but its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. Knowing a little about Car Rental with Driver in Singapore can help you cut down on your rental cost by following these tips;

Book your Car Online

It is the easiest way to go about booking a car in Singapore is to book online. Booking online would allow you to browse and compare prices through different car rental companies and their offerings. Sites like,,, Alamo.con or is always a good starting point as they contain important information that would aid you in your decision.

Hire on Weekend

Hiring a car over the weekend for your weekday activities is a very good option if you are looking to save cost and get a good rate for your car rental in Singapore. This is because many business people will be interested in booking theirs on weekdays,

Pick a Smaller Car Offer

Unless the occasion requires a big car, you should always consider going for a small cars, these small cars are economic in nature. Even if the car rental company offers you a bigger car, you should refuse it and settle for a smaller one.

Look Out for extra Cost

Whenever you get a price that is reasonable too low by a car rental company, you should always investigate to know if there is will be no hidden added costs to your total bill at the end of your contract. These added fees may come in the form of fuel extra charges, protection charges and so other. If these cost are neglected, it may add up to double your final bill. Always read through the reservation page very well to determine if there will be any hidden cost.

Skip the Insurance Page

Most of the times, the protection the rental company is offering may not provide enough cover for you. It might even be that your personal accident protection approach may be far superior to that of the car rental company you are planning to patronize. Most additional protection by Car Leasing in Singapore is costly and contains additional items that only increase your final pay which only benefits the car rental company.

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