Car Rental with Driver and chauffeur services
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Car Rental with Driver and chauffeur services

Renting a car for your daily commute is far better than using a public transport, because it allows you the opportunity to drive the car yourself. Driving yourself, will allow you to plan and meet up your goal for the day without having to waste valuable time requesting and waiting for a taxi. Leasing a car may have small drawback as regards the cost, however, a little information about car rental can help you save a fraction of what you would normally pay for a car rental service. The following tips will come handy.

Order your car online

Car Rental in Singapore can easily be booked online without much fuss. By booking online, you would have the opportunity to compare prices from different Car Rental Companies and decide the one you would go for based on price and quality of service. Sites like,,, or is a good place to start.

Book on Weekend

It is best to book for Car Rental on weekends. During the week, business people are always on the move and they are always booking for their car rental. If you want to get a better price, you may as well consider booking yours on weekends.

Pick a smaller car on offered

It is advisable you go for a smaller car, unless you truly require a big car. Smaller cars are economy cars and are better for you in the long run. The rental company may come up short on them and afterward offer you a chance to take a bigger car at a higher price. It is advisable for you to refuse the offer and demand a smaller one.

Look out for extra costs

When a car rental company set their price at a very low price, be wary because that might be deceptive. They may end up imposing different additional fee like fuel extra charges, and many more. Look out for these kinds of associated costs on the reservation page. If ignored, these additional prices alone can double the initial price you were given.

Skip the Insurance page

Travel protection is surely a smart thought if you intend to go for a long trip, but if you are on a short trip, you may as well ignore it because most times, the insurance your car rental company is offering may not be sufficient enough for you. Most additional protection as offered by car rental companies are costly and contain pointless additions that create high benefit for the organization.

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