Are you looking for a private driver but are having difficulties hiring the right one? Are you a Business Executive looking for a experienced chauffeur to drive you in the comfort of your own car? At Exclusive Limo, we provide you the private driver that will efficiently drive safely for you. We offer the best and most reliable private drivers in Singapore, whether personal drivers or corporate drivers. Our driver-for-hire service are offered on an hourly basis and we are always ready to drive for you.

Individuals and companies are constantly facing the same problems of having to deal with various driver issues (driver on urgent leave / sick leave / annual leave / missing in action / misconduct / misuse of vehicle / unable to perform certain over-time duties etc.). By engaging our driver services, we will provide our clients with a designated, reliable, well trained and well managed personal chauffeur.

Our driver-for-hire service in Singapore only engages the services of professionally trained chauffeurs who can speak sound English / Mandarin or other languages. Aside from our private drivers having long years of experience for chauffeuring VIPs, they are also well trained when it comes to safety driving procedures in Singapore. Each private driver that we have has excellent driving records and are fully licensed. They are professionally attired, knowledgeable, punctual, reliable and security conscious. Their professionalism, chauffeur protocol and driving abilities will immediately earn your trust and confidence.

Having us as your service provider assures that there will be no lapse in service if the chauffeur falls sick, goes on leave, goes on reservist duty or even resigns abruptly. In case of any emergency, a relief driver will be deployed to carry on the professional service. We manage the A to Z of the chauffeur matters including their daily performance, conduct, salary, annual leave. In short, you will never have to go through the hassles of recruitment, interviewing and screening of candidates as we constantly maintain a pool of well trained, well mannered, qualified chauffeurs that are able to perform well under high expectations with one common aim – To achieve the highest level of service standards to customers at all times.

Through our reservation system, you can find a driver to act as your personal chauffeur for the day or on a long term basis. Take the hassle out of your day while maintaining personal style with your own car. Make your clients or family your priority, not driving; let your personal chauffeur handle the road. To book a private chauffeur or engage our driver-for-hire service, simply drop us an email at or you could call us at (+65) 62850020.