Effective Ways to Save on Monthly Car Rental in Singapore

Effective Ways to Save on Monthly Car Rental in Singapore

Monthly car rental in Singapore is a popular option for many expats who prefer to lease a car instead of buying one. You will have no worries about huge down payment, and vehicle downtime due to maintenance service and repairs associated with vehicle purchase and ownership. We provide a range of leasing or monthly renting solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

But sometimes, monthly car rental or long term car rental can get expensive if you are not familiar with the rental process. Here are certain tips and tricks to help you save on car rentals.

Look for the best car rental deals online

Looking for the best car rental deal is a necessary step before renting a car. For your convenience, you should look for the best monthly car rental in Singapore online. You may use social media and search engines to view a range of car rental businesses online. At Exclusive Limo, we provide our customers with the best monthly and long term car rental deal in Singapore that suits their budget and needs.

Look for discount coupons

If you are searching online, you may come across several car rental options offering promos and discounts. There are coupon codes that can save you significantly in your car leasing or renting deal. Make sure you use them when finishing your reservation online. If you are not sure how to check for coupon codes online, include the term ‘discount code’ on the search bar.

Book and pay ahead of time

For a hassle-free and organised trip, book and pay for the services as early as you can. Prices are cheaper the earlier you book. You can even watch out for seasonal promos. If you’re planning to rent a car for a couple of days, prices can get lower if booked at once.

Monthly Car Rental Singapore

Watch out for hidden charges

Just because the car rental package is advertised to be cheaper, it does not mean that it is all that you are going to pay for. Always check for any hidden charges before booking. You can also check with the car rental company if any further expenses are there that are not covered by the agreed fee. This way, you will avoid spending any extra amount.

Get Budget Car Rental Services & Save On Rental Prices!

Saving does not mean getting service at a lower price.it is also about getting quality and value out of what you pay for. With our monthly car rental Singapore, you are guaranteed safety and convenience. Call us now at (+65) 6285 0020, or send us an email at johnny@exclusivelimo.com.sg for monthly car rental inquiries in Singapore.


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