Renting a car on a monthly basis in Singapore does not require much hassle. All it requires is giving them a phone call, or dropping them an email, and picking the car of your choice on whichever day you desire and subscribing for a month’s usage. Before renting a car, you have to consider some major factors so that you would have a wonderful renting experience. These factors are:

Time duration

You have to be aware of how long you would be in need of the car. In other words, this refers to the duration for which the car would be in active use. If you are not entirely sure how long you would require the rental car (probably due to the nature of your job or trip), you can go for monthly rental without contract. If you are here to stay for a longer period, you can go for a yearly car rental contract and get a discount on the rental rate.


The price is a very important factor because it determines the type of car you can rent on a monthly basis. If the cost of renting the type of car you want for a particular month exceeds the amount of money you have budgeted, you would have to go for one with a lower cost of renting per month so as to stay on track financially.


This refers to the reason you are renting the car. If you are renting the car for entirely personal or family purposes or perhaps for short trips or to run errands, you can go for a compact sedan or a Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). If you are an executive looking to rent a car for business or work-related purpose, you can go for an Executive sedan or a Luxury car.

Mode of payment

You need to investigate the mode by which the rental company accepts payment : whether they accept cheques, credit cards or other forms of payment. Also, you need to be privy to their payment policy which implies whether or not you have to pay for damages in advance or whether they collect an advance on the following month. These are some of the important things you have got to consider.


After taking all the above factors into consideration, you may start to choose a reliable car renting agency and fill in the necessary paperwork, make the payment and the car is yours to be used on a monthly basis.

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